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Surface Pro driver enables Pen pressure sensitivity in Adobe Photoshop

Sharif Sakr

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After a long and awkward delay, there's been some movement in the saga known as "Surface Pro's Pen accessory won't work with the software that could most benefit from it." Microsoft's Panos Panay tweeted yesterday that he had a beta driver from Wacom that had enabled his Pen's pressure sensitivity in Adobe Photoshop. Around the same time, an updated driver ("Enhanced Tablet Driver 7.1.1-12") appeared on Wacom's site, which PocketNow reckons contains the necessary fix. This file may not be final, and there's no specific reference to Microsoft's tablet in its changelog, but it's definitely worth a try at the source link below. Meanwhile, if you're one of the artistic types who's been holding off from buying a Surface Pro until this is resolved, then maybe just stay patient a little longer until more users report back on their progress. We're giving it a go ourselves, and in any case we've been assured by our own contacts at Microsoft that there'll be a happy ending within days.

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