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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup loves BBQ wings


We need to settle something, Wrapup readers. See, BBQ wings are amazing, right? Whether you're a huge fan of "my face is on fire" levels of heat or you just like a more mild, sweet BBQ sauce, as long as you're a meat-eater, you probably like wings. Wings are great.

Still, there are two groups of people that don't always mix: Those that prefer boneless wings and those that prefer wings with bones. We're not picky, we'll eat both, but let's just say that if a genie were to grant us a lifetime supply of boneless wings at the cost of eradicating wings that have bones for the rest of the world forever, we'd push that big red button in a heartbeat. This week's question: If you eat wings, do you prefer boneless or regular wings? While your stomach churns at the thought of a plateful of delicious finger food, check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

The Young (Penny Arcade)
The Squeaky Wheel (Brawl in the Family)
Egg Roll (Awkward Zombie)
On the edge (Corpse Run)
True To Yourself (ReadySoup)
Exclusive (Ctrl+Alt+Del)


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