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5 last minute WoW Mother's Day gifts


The world's a busy place and grabbing time to go shopping can be difficult. But the nice thing about straddling your life between the real world and Azeroth is that there are plenty of opportunities for virtual gifts. Here's 5 last minute gifts you can grab to delight Mom without resorting to in-game trinkets. (Don't get me wrong: in-game gifts are awesome, but that list could get gigantic.)

5. StarCraft Anthology
If Mom hasn't spent time blowing up zerg and getting caught up on Blizzard's other Craft game, now's the time to look at the StarCraft Anthology. Boasting hours of gameplay and that nurturing-with-lasers aspect every gaming Mom loves, you can even enhance this gift with a few hours of alone time to make it even better.

4. WoW Game Time
WoW Game Time might feel like a cop out, but like the suggestion of StarCraft Anthology, you can dress it up with what many Moms could use: some time to themselves. When you give Mom the card, also give her a coupon for some nights of gaming all to herself, or maybe some family-friendly raid time.

3. Cinder Kitten
Look at that adorable face! I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want to romp around Azeroth with this adorable Cinder Kitten? At 10 bucks, you can hardly go wrong with this friendly feline of fire.

2. Diablo III
Diablo III is still full price but it offers an amazing opportunity: you and Mom can group together and go exploring, adventuring, and leveling together. While you can do that in WoW, groups are always intended for more than just pairs. In Diablo III, though, the world scales to the number of people in your group. A pair is perfectly viable.

1. Heart of the Aspects
This one's a litlte cheesy, but stay with me. There's a popular saying that mothers wear their hearts on the outside. That's undoubtedly true. So, why not thank Mom with a heart that she can ride? It's a nice little touch and the Heart of the Aspects just looks wicked cool.

Thanks, to all you moms out there. We here at WoW Insider hope you have a great day and get to spend bunches of time relaxing.

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