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ANNE passes its Kickstarter goal with more than a week to go


ANNE, the 2D nostalgia-laden platformer from developer Mo, hit its $70,000 Kickstarter goal, and from today it still has nine days left to earn more money. In a multilingual thank you update, Mo said words couldn't express his gratitude, so he created the happy robot image above.

"For sure the money is what will allow me to get the job done, but knowing that there are people like you out there that believe in my game, in me, just this is worth more than money," Mo said.

The first stretch goal for ANNE is $80,000 and it would add Mac and Linux versions of the game to Mo's development schedule. At $90,000, ANNE would have achievements and a Gender Swap mode, and later stretch goals (up to $150,000), add Ouya, PSN, Vita and Wii U versions.

ANNE is a combination of ideas from some of Mo's favorite 16-bit games, including Mega Man, Contra, Gradius and Super Metroid. That last one was a big inspiration, Mo told Joystiq in April.

"I remember at the beginning, you had this amazing ship," he said. "A crazy sprite landing slowly and then, the next thing you know, you're just on foot. And I was just, 'What a tease.' What if you could actually go in [the ship] and fly? What would that look like, and how fun would that be? So basically, it's picking up from just questioning myself and just trying to see what, you know, what am I really looking for as a player right now?"

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