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Browser game market in China 'booming'


If you love to hate on browser-based MMOs and feel as though their time has passed, China might like to have a word or two with you. Sales of browser-based titles in the country have risen substantially in the past two years, increasing 46% in 2011 and 35% in 2012 according to a Taiwanese games company president, whereas client-based MMOs only made a 13% increase in growth in 2012.

XPEC's Aaron Hsu said that the figures showed that browser games are far from finished in the region: "I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but the browser game market in mainland China is just booming. It's just like the MMORPG market in 2003, for China. I feel like the Chinese developers have created a new business model for browser games there."

Due to the success of several lucrative browser games, Chinese developers are actively pursuing the browser -- not mobile -- platform. Hsu recommended that Western developers should concentrate on finding a Chinese publisher or partner to help ease into this different market instead of trying to break in solo.

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