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Eric Ruth goes crowdfunding route for 'Hauntlings' project


Eric Ruth of Eric Ruth Games has an extensive history of creating de-makes, and now he's branching out to create the original title Hauntlings. Using Indiegogo for crowdfunding, Ruth is seeking $35,000 to create his 2D 2-vs-2 side-scrolling multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game featuring supernatural entities.

"I've always had the means to create a free project on my own from beginning to end on my own, however this particular title actually has expenses and I can't afford them on my own," said Ruth in his pitch video. "Unfortunately, I'll need the assistance from my awesome – and very sexy – fan base to complete Hauntlings and make it the very best it can be."

Being a competitive online game, it would seem Ruth is seeking to hire some help and cover infrastructure costs. Ruth's previous projects include the Team Fortress 2 arcade beat-em-up and Pixel Force: Halo.

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