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Not So Massively: Yet another D3 exploit, Star Citizen pay-to-win debate, and MOBA news


Diablo III was hit with yet another exploit this week as players discovered a way to duplicate gold via a bug in the auction house. Blizzard responded by shutting down the auction house but did not perform a server rollback to reverse the damage. Star Citizen clarified its stance on the lifetime insurance available to veteran backers amidst debate over whether it gives early adopters an unfair advantage over other players. Path of Exile also released a new Letters of Wraeclast lore feature in its latest update, and MechWarrior Online's update 15 added a new Misery mech.

Dota 2 began preparations for its biggest world championship tournament yet with the release of a new Interactive Compendium that players can use to stay up to date with the matches. Rise of Immortals has now officially launched its Battle For Graxia revamp, and Infinite Crisis officially entered closed beta this week with the release of new champion The Joker. Finally, Smashmuck Champions released its hilarious new community-designed champion that's half platypus and half unicorn.

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Controversy hit the Diablo III community this week as a gold-duplicating exploit was discovered on the auction house. The exploit involved cancelling a bid on an auction within its final seconds, which returned the gold immediately and then returned it again when the auction ended. It's not known how long this exploit has been in the game, but details of it went public this week and threw the game economy into chaos. Prices on good items were massively inflated and gold was rapidly devalued before Blizzard took the auction house down.

Rather than perform a server rollback, Blizzard decided to audit all transactions on the auction house in order to find those abusing the exploit. This unfortunately won't repair the damage to the game economy as much of the gold had already been passed onto new owners and the biggest exploiters may have cashed their proceeds out of the game by now. Blizzard zeroed in on 415 exploiters before bringing the AH back online and donated their ill-gotten gains to charity.

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In a new development blog post, Chris Roberts clarified earlier remarks on lifetime insurance in Star Citizen. Anyone who backs the project before the new website goes live will get free lifetime insurance on all of his or her backer reward ships, after which time lifetime insurance will no longer be given out. Insurance will automatically replace the base hull of a destroyed or stolen ship and any starting items it comes with.

Despite the clarification blog, some fans of the game are still complaining that lifetime insurance is an unfair advantage. Other players will have to pay in-game currency each month for the same level of insurance, so early backers will lose less in-game currency than other players for each ship lost. Many of the backer ships also come with better starting equipment than the default ship.

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This week's Path of Exile update added several new cosmetic microtransaction items and a few secret vendor recipes. The patch also introduced a new Letters of Wraeclast feature that helps tell the backstory behind some of the game's NPCs. Grinding Gear Games plans to add voice-acting for these letters soon.

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MechWarrior Online released update 15 this week, adding HUD improvements, fixes for players with high ping, and new content. The patch also introduces four new trial mechs, colour customisation for Hero mechs, and the new Misery stalker mech.

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The Dota 2 world championship tournament The International is on its way, and this year Valve has added a bit of a twist. The $1.6 million US prize fund that's usually available is still up for grabs, but players can now expand the prize total by buying new virtual tickets to the event. A quarter of the proceeds for the The International's new Interactive Compendium will be added to the already insane prize pool.

The compendium is designed to be a virtual passport to the event that actually rewards players for tuning in to watch the matches and talking about them. Players can predict the outcome of matches, vote for their favourite players, and get loot drops for watching matches. The compendium will be updated throughout the tournament with stats, polls, and prizes.

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If you want to see the most bonkers character in the MMO genre, look no further than Smashmuck Champions' latest creation: Platimus. Part duck-billed platypus and part unicorn, this ridiculous character was designed by the Smashmuck community during a panel at PAX East. This week saw the character officially go into production with the first concept art being released, and players will be able to get their hands on a playable version later this year.

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Rise of Immortals' game-changing Battle For Graxia revamp is now officially live, completely overhauling most aspects of the title's gameplay and adding innovative new features like the White Knight system that replaces leavers in games with other players. Other additions include an interactive replay system and hundreds of item and character changes. If you've never played Rise of Immortals or didn't like it in its previous incarnation, the Battle For Graxia update might change your mind.

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Turbine's upcoming MOBA, Infinite Crisis, is now officially in closed beta, with the first wave of invites being sent out this week. To mark the occasion, Turbine released a champion spotlight on an iconic character from the DC Comics universe: The Joker. Armed with a series of wacky gadgets, The Joker is a long-range assassin with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He can stun enemies with a rocket boxing glove, send snapping teeth to chase opponents, and throw a toy doll that explodes and leaves behind a cloud of poison gas.

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