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'Coffee with Tim Cook' auction ends Tuesday afternoon, current bid is $605,000


A few weeks ago we reported on an online auction where the winner will have a unique opportunity to sit down for coffee with Tim Cook over at Apple's headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop.

Since the auction began about three weeks ago, the bids reached unprecedented levels rather quickly. As it stands now, the winning bid checks in at $605,000. To put that into context, the highest bid previously received by Charitybuzz was $255,000 for the chance to shadow Bill Clinton for a day.

If you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare and would relish the opportunity to sit down with one of the more powerful CEOs on the planet, you better act fast. The auction is scheduled to close on Tuesday afternoon, at approximately 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Notably, 20 percent of the winning bid will go to Charitybuzz while the rest will be donated to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights.

As for what this insanely expensive coffee date with Tim Cook will be like, the folks over at Joy of Tech have a funny take on it.

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