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Siri update prompts users to be brief


Apple's voice interaction system Siri has been updated, this time specifically to ask users to keep it short. Siri's system doesn't deal well with longer user queries, so if you happen to ask something that's just too long for Siri to deal with, she'll interrupt you, giving you a quote from a famous person, and then asking you to rephrase the question, shorter or in fewer words. Siri herself doesn't have the authority to change your speech patterns, apparently, so she's recruited legendary wordsmiths like William Strunk and Thomas Jefferson to make her point more clearly.

Ironically, the quotes used aren't very short at all, which makes the whole process go even longer. But at least Siri is telling you the problem with what you tried to ask her, rather than just using a generic, "Sorry, Mike, I didn't get that." If a user is sending a query that's just too long, this is definitely a clearer way of asking for a correction.

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