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The Inteliscope connects your iPhone to an actual firearm


We've talked before about how the iPhone can do a lot of things for you, but can it serve as a scope on a tactical rifle? That's the idea behind the Inteliscope, a new accessory that connects your iPhone to an actual tactical firearm. You just clip your iPhone 5 (or 4S or iPod touch) to the accessory, connect that to your rifle and you've got a heads-up scope that allows for custom crosshairs, video recording, a built-in compass and GPS, a timer and a few more handy functions.

The idea is pretty ingenious -- it seems like using the iPhone's camera would offset the view, but maybe the accessory actually uses mirror to line up your shot. At any rate, the Inteliscope and its associated app will be available in June of this year, with each model costing US$69.99. You can pre-order the attachment right now.

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