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Fotonica lands a $1 sale for six days


Fotonica comes from Italian development house Santa Ragione, which makes sense considering how positively vogue the game is. It's a one-button, first-person runner in duotone with a smooth, blippy soundtrack – and right now it's all just $1. Fotonica is 80 percent off direct from Santa Ragione's site (using that handy Humble Store widget), now and for six more days.

Fotonica supports PC, Mac and Linux, and it's available through Desura, Indievania, OnLive and the Mac App Store, though that $1 deal is via Santa Ragione only. The developers would like to see Fotonica on Steam and are making a leap with Greenlight – if it gets voted in, Santa Ragione will create new levels, modes and music for all Fotonica players.

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