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Atomic Ninjas brings multiplayer mayhem to PS3, Vita this summer


Foosball 2012 and One Epic Game developer Grip Games announced the upcoming PlayStation Network release of Atomic Ninjas, a multiplayer action game for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Atomic Ninjas is a competitive 2.5D platformer in which up to four players compete in trap-filled arenas to be the last ninja standing. The twist is that players aren't able to harm each other directly; instead, you'll need to make clever use of environmental hazards, hiding spots, and item pick-ups in order to lead competing players to their doom. The game offers seven arenas and multiple gameplay modes, including a selection of team-based competitions.

Creator Grip Games describes Atomic Ninjas as the theoretical love child of Fat Princess and Crash Commando -- a worrisome mental image, for sure, but potentially a worthwhile gameplay mix. Atomic Ninjas is set to launch this summer.

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