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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller launches episode 3, The Oracle


Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, the Kickstarted adventure game from Phoenix Online Studios and Gabriel Knight writer Jane Jensen, is now on its third episode and things are really heating up. Watch the trailer and that line is funny, we promise. Well, funnier.

Episode three is subtitled The Oracle, and it continues the tale of Erica, a psychic FBI agent, as she tracks down a serial killer.

"Cognition's third episode picks up right where the last left off, with a body hurtling down the Enthon Towers' 33 stories to smash onto a parked police cruiser," the press release describes. Players are able to control Erica and the serial killer as the (gruesome) story unfolds.

Cognition will have four parts in total, with the final called The Cain Killer. Grab The Oracle and any previous episodes via Phoenix Online – with sales live through tomorrow, May 17 at 3 p.m. ET – and if you like the series, vote for Cognition on Steam Greenlight.

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Step Into a Killer's Shoes in Episode 3 of Cognition, A PC / Mac Adventure Game Released Today
FBI Agent Erica Reed meets her match in The Oracle, coming face to face with a gruesome past

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 16, 2013 - Phoenix Online Studios' episodic adventure game, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, continues today with Episode 3: The Oracle for PC and Mac. This chilling continuation of a psychic FBI agent's hunt for a serial killer can be downloaded from and other online stores. The 4-part Cognition series will conclude in late summer with Episode 4: The Cain Killer.

Cognition's third episode picks up right where the last left off, with a body hurtling down the Enthon Towers' 33 stories to smash onto a parked police cruiser. When Erica arrives at the scene her post-cognitive powers kick into overdrive, presenting her with powerful visions of past murders and betrayals that occurred in this mysterious luxury apartment building. As Erica discovers more about the serial killer who's baiting her, she realizes that she's not the only one having visions. Now the only way to stop the Oracle is to step into the killer's shoes.

In this unique game, player control alternates between FBI agent and killer as Erica pieces together the past events that led to this moment. Before it's all over, players will make a series of gruesome discoveries regarding the case Erica most wants to solve: the murder of her own brother. With the same graphic novel art style, Fringe-like paranormal themes, and Saw-style horror sequences that the Cognition series has been heralded for since its debut last fall, The Oracle is a must-play adventure that builds to an unexpected and wrenching climax.

At, The Oracle sells for $9.99 individually, or in Season Pass bundles that allow players to catch up on the rest of the series at discounted prices. For one day only, Phoenix is offering the following special deals:
The $9.99 individual episode comes with 5 free MP3 tracks from the game:
The episode 3 & 4 bundle is on sale for $9.99 (regularly $14.99):
The 4-episode Season Pass is on sale for $19.99 (regularly $29.99):

These launch deals will end tomorrow, May 17, at 3:00pm Eastern / 12:00pm Pacific.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller has had a strong showing on Steam Greenlight, where it has received more than 25k votes from Steam users who want it added to the service. People who want to support the effort can vote for Cognition here:

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