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OlliOlli, 2D infini-skater, kickflips to PS Vita in November


Roll7, a development studio located in London, is working on a 2D pixelated infini-skater for the PS Vita called OlliOlli. Due in November, OlliOlli combines infinite runner style of play with the trick-heavy chains made famous in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series.

OlliOlli is built on a trick system of over 100 moves, with customizable characters and daily challenges on top of the usual leaderboards. You can see an early build of OlliOlli running in the video above, posted to YouTube by developer Roll7.

OlliOlli will be exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, thanks to funding for the project that was provided by Sony. OlliOlli will be playable at Sony's E3 booth, so we'll be sure to get our hands on it next month between June 11-13 when the 19th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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