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Conquer Online 10th anniversary trailer takes the cake

MJ Guthrie

Hitting the big 1-0 is certainly a cause for celebration. So how does Conquer Online top its free trip to China offered last year? With a trailer that offers a unique look at the last 10 years and turns attention towards the future. That, and a number of festivities lasting through mid-June that span events, bonuses, and gifts galore. Oh, did we mention another trip to China? This time the trip goes to the supreme champion of the first World Fighting League, a contest open to all new and veteran players spanning all 10 versions of CO.

Launched in 2003, the oriental fantasy game boasting plenty of kung-fu elements has continually added new content over the years, including pirates and more PvP-based activities. This year will see even more expansions, from a new character (the mysterious Kung Fu Master) to a new massive cross-server PvP battle, the Kingdom War. To accommodate new players, Conquer Online has opened two new servers and is giving away special Starter's Packs to aid the newcomers. Veterans have not been forgotten; they'll receive a gift when logging into their original servers.

Want a glimpse at what the future holds for Conquer Online? You'll have to get through the first half of the video to see the preview. Check it out after the cut.

[Source: TQ Digital press release]

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