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Yahoo schedules product-related event for May 20th in NYC, Marissa Mayer expected to speak

Darren Murph

Call us crazy, but it sure feels like Yahoo's had one heck of a spring. When it comes to spending, anyway. Just as soon as it can get one check to clear, the search icon is breaking the ink back out to write another. According to a breaking tweet from CNBC, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is scheduled to speak at a "product-related" event in New York City this coming Monday. It's tough to tell what kind of surprise will be in store, but we wouldn't be shocked if it involved the word "Tumblr." We're digging for more as we speak, and will most certainly be on hand to see what comes to fruition.

Update: We've just heard back from Yahoo, and the event is indeed going down in order to "share something special." And yes, we'll be there to bring whatever happens to your browser of choice.

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