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Guild Wars 2 gives voice to the Consortium


"The Consortium is neither good nor evil. The Consortium is capitalist," ArenaNet Narrative Designer Scott McGough begins as he introduces this faction to gamers in a new video. If you've been playing Guild Wars 2's new living world content in Southsun Cove, then you've undoubtedly bumped into one or two of the representatives from this firm.

McGough explains that the Consortium is angling to be a competitor to the Black Lion Trading Company, and that means selling people all sorts of feel-good products that they want and need. They also appeared to be the savior of the refugees from the previous living story, offering the dispossessed a place to live and work. Unfortunately for the settlers, the Consortium is not prepared to let them go any time soon, and Southsun Cove is a much more dangerous place to live than the Consortium realized.

Check out the backstory video for the Consortium after the jump!

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