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MMO Week in Review: Trion's tribulations and DUST's launch


At the end of every week, we round up the best and most popular news stories, exclusive features, and insightful columns published on Massively and then present them all in one convenient place. If you missed a big MMO or WoW Insider story last week, you've come to the right post.

This week, Trion Worlds' announcement that RIFT will transition to a free-to-play MMO in less than a month was tempered by news that the studio was forced to lay off a large portion of its staff, though the RIFT team itself was unaffected. Meanwhile, CCP's console shooter DUST 514 officially launched; Massively's Jef Reahard delivered tepid impressions of the game.

Read on for a look at the rest of this week's top MMO stories.


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