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Terry Cavanagh picks up 'proper, meaty puzzle game,' Halting Problem


Terry Cavanagh throws a ton of game ideas into the online hive mind, and it looks like he found one that sticks with Halting Problem (tentative title). Last week Cavanagh posted a set of Vines – "Pushing a block" and "Fistbump" – and this weekend he wrote in his blog that Halting Problem will probably be his "main focus for a while."

"A proper, meaty puzzle game is something I've wanted to make for ages, and I'm having lots of fun just messing around with the mechanics for this one and seeing what I can make out of them," Cavanagh said. It's inspired by DROD, but also things like Qrostar games, Zachtronic games, and my flatmate Increpare's games."

Cavanagh said he's really excited about this one – and so is that happy little sprite.

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