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Not So Massively: Cash MOBA tournaments, Diablo III's birthday, and Star Citizen's new website


Dota 2 celebrated the incredible sales of its world championship interactive compendium with free gifts for all players; the compendium has now sold over 266,000 units, raising the prize fund in The International to over $2,000,000 US. Third-person MOBA SMITE has recently entered the competitive tournament scene with two new weekly $1,000 tournaments. Rise of Immortals also announced its first competitive tournament since the Battle For Graxia update and revealed details of its hilariously-named ranged centaur character Murderhoof.

League of Legends revealed the new custom item set feature coming in Patch 3.7 and published a new champion spotlight video on classic ranged carry Ashe. Guardians of Middle-Earth also released its latest paid DLC character, The Mouth of Sauron, based on a character who was originally cut from the cinematic release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Diablo III celebrated the first anniversary of its release on May 15th with anniversary livestreams and a magic-find bonus for all players. The latest patch also raised the increments in which money can be sold on the Real Money Auction House to ten million in response to massive oversupply. Path of Exile revealed details of its upcoming Patch that will add new party loot options and other features, and Star Citizen showed off its new website with a special e-commerce section in which players can buy ships for cash.

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Gaslight Joker spotlighted in new Infinite Crisis gameplay vid
Looking for a beefy enforcer who can dominate close-range combat in Infinite Crisis? Look no further than Gaslight Joker, the newest champion spotlighted in Turbine's ongoing DC-centric MOBA video reveals.
New action combat MOBA Skara begins Kickstarter campaign
"Imagine an experience with the action of Street Fighter inside a story and land like World of Warcraft, all blended into a fast-paced Call of Duty style arena."
LoL video previews 3.7 patch, introduces Custom Item Sets
Instead of just rolling out a wall of text to discuss the changes and updates hitting League of Legends in the 3.7 patch, Riot Games offers players a video preview to get a glimpse of what's to come.
EA to publish new Dawngate MOBA
"Dawngate is a new MOBA, built from the ground up to look and feel familiar while offering a whole new way to experience MOBA gameplay." These are the opening words of a new website for Dawngate, developed by Waystone Games and published by EA.
Hi-Rez reveals SMITE's Isis, the Goddess of Magic
Ready for the latest SMITE character reveal? Isis is here, and Hi-Rez has published a blog post and a gameplay video heralding her arrival. The Goddess of Magic is a sceptre-wielding mage -- no surprise there -- who relies on her Funeral Rites passive ability and spiffy attacks like Wing Gust and Spirit Ball.
Star Citizen concept art shows off Orion III colony
This time of night I've only got one thing on my mind, and that's dinner. Seriously, the Massively graveyard shift makes my stomach rumble. Fortunately Cloud Imperium is here to fill it up with some sweet, sweet Star Citizen concept art.

League of Legends title image
League of Legends' Patch 3.7 is almost upon us, bringing with it a whole host of balance changes and an innovative new custom item set feature. When the patch lands, players will be able to put together item builds for specific characters that will appear in the Recommended tab in the item shop in-game. This will give you quick access to the items you usually buy rather than making you rely on the default item builds or search the shop manually. This week also saw the release of a new champion spotlight video on classic champion Ashe.

Rise of Immortals title image
Free-to-play MOBA Rise of Immortals announced a new competitive tournament due to open for signups on Wednesday 22nd. Developers also celebrated the game's recent revamp with the official release of new immortal Murderhoof. This ranged immortal centaur is the first character to use a new rage mechanic that charges up with every basic attack and decays when out of combat for an extended period of time. Each of Murderhoof's abilities can be empowered by consuming rage to apply additional damage or effects.

Murderhoof can use his Soul Blade ability to throw two axes instead of one, plus bonus damage based on the enemy's missing hitpoints when the ability is empowered. He can pair this with Enfeeble Spirit, which causes enemies to take bonus damage from his axes and abilities if they have no allies within a small area. This makes Murderhoof the ideal choice for a solo lane and helps him escape from individual chasing heroes. With an attack speed buff and an ultimate ability that can reduce his cooldowns when he gets a kill, Murderhoof will be a tricky character to play but one that could be devastating in a teamfight.

Dota 2 title image
Sales of Dota 2's interactive digital compendium for world championship tournament The International have been absolutely huge. A quarter of the revenue from all compendium sales is being added to the prize fund, which has already risen from $1,600,000 US to over $2,085,522. Valve has added stretch goals to the sales tally, with prizes given out to all compendium owners when the prize fund hits various milestones.

The first three goals have already been hit, unlocking a huge 125% battle point bonus, a new mounted courier, and a custom HUD skin for all compendium owners. Further goals include a new taunt animation, the ability to vote on the participants in an extra 8-player solo championship, and the ability to pick which hero Valve will release next.

Guardians of Middle-Earth title image
If you don't recognise the latest Guardians of Middle-Earth DLC character, that may be because he was actually cut out of the main cinematic version of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The Mouth of Sauron is a a ranged defender with crowd control and life-stealing abilities.

SMITE title image
Developer Hi-Rez Studios recently announced a new weekly series of competitive tournaments for its third-person MOBA, SMITE. The tournaments will happen on both the European and North American servers, with $1,000 up for grabs in each. The tournaments will all be streamed live via TwitchTV, and the schedule can be seen on SMITE's official e-sports webpage.

Diablo III title image
Diablo III celebrated its first anniversary this week with anniversary livestreams, a magic find bonus for all players, and an article looking back at the year's biggest updates. Fansite Diablofans has a similar retrospective piece on the history of Diablo III over the past year, from its initially huge sales to the introduction of Paragon levels and the Monster Power system, and most recently the controversy over the game's upcoming console release.

Path of Exile title image
Grinding Gear Games revealed early details of Path of Exile's upcoming patch The patch is due for release on May 29th and will introduce new party loot options, melee damage buffs, monster damage rebalancing, and something secret that developers aren't quite ready to reveal just yet.

Star Citizen title image
Sci-fi sandbox game Star Citizen revealed its upcoming website update this week in a new sneak peek article. The new website has a slick design and support for mobile devices, but the biggest change is a new e-commerce section in which players can pay cash for ships.

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