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Samsung to pay for Galaxy-specific apps


In its continuing quest for domination in the Android market place, Samsung has announced a global contest for developers to make Samsung-exclusive apps. In particular, they're looking for apps that highlight the Group Play function showcased in the new Galaxy S 4. Group Play allows users to interact and share content like music, photos, and games with other users. In all, 10 winning developers will split $800,000 in prize money as the company looks for the killer app to help it stand out in the pack of Android handset providers.

The contest requires developers to use Samsung's Chord SDK media-streaming service to be eligible for the prize money. $200,000 goes to the first prize winner, three second-place winners get $100,000 each, and the remaining six third-place winners pocketing $50,000 apiece.

Entries will be judged based on originality, design, functionality, and commercial appeal. Interestingly all entries must be submitted as free apps, though they are allowed to feature in-app purchases.

One of the disadvantages facing Android phone producers as they search for market dominance over other hardware companies is the lack of exclusive software. Due to the incredibly wide range of Android devices offering basically the same foundation, Samsung needs a way to narrow down consumer choices to their products. Galaxy-specific apps, or at least apps specific to Galaxy features that will soon be rolled out in other phone models, would provide leverage to help Samsung stand out in the crowded Android market place.

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