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We're live from SID Display Week 2013 in Vancouver!

Zach Honig

The biggest news of the day made its way out of Microsoft's Redmond headquarters a few hours ago, but there's plenty more to see just 150 miles to the north in Vancouver, British Columbia. SID's Display Week exhibition kicked off this morning, giving us an opportunity to get hands-on with some pretty nifty prototypes from LG and Samsung, including that first manufacturer's 5-inch flexible plastic OLED panel and a brilliant 3,200 x 1,800-pixel laptop display from the latter. We'll be scouring the floor over the days to come, on the hunt for similar innovations, many of which will likely find their way into our smartphones, laptops and living rooms later this year and beyond.

Protip: Use our "SID2013" tag to see this week's hottest Display Week news!

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