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Pre-order Madden 25 on Amazon, get a deal for NFL app streaming


This is an excellent deal for any iOS owners who are fans of football and video games. EA is releasing the 25th anniversary iteration of the Madden football series this year, called Madden 25. And in the Anniversary Edition, which costs US$100, there will be a deal with DirecTV and the NFL to set up streaming to your television, your PC and consoles, or any mobile devices you have. The NFL has been stepping up on streaming game coverage to iOS over the last year or so, and usually services like that can cost a few hundred dollars.

To get the deal, you'll have to pre-order the Anniversary Edition of Madden 25 ($100, versus the standard version's $60) over on Amazon. The biggest hitch is that you'll need to actually have a DirecTV subscription to stream the games to your television. But even without a DirecTV sub, you can still get a code for the streaming, which will still allow you to see the games on your mobile device. Note also that this is for a "17-week free trial," which basically means that when the season is over, so is your service (so no playoff games, for example).

Still, if you were thinking of picking up Madden 25 anyway, that's a solid deal, and it could mean hours of streaming games on your mobile device.

[via 9to5Mac]

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