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Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus launch-day roundup

MJ Guthrie

With today's launch of Star Trek Online's first expansion, Legacy of Romulus, players can boldly go where no one has gone before. (Not to mention it gives us a reason to use that iconic phrase!) From new species and ships to more Klingon content, this next chapter in the STO saga expands the universe for players to explore. Want to captain a new ship as a Romulan or a Reman? Can do. How about adventure in a new zone? Yup. Or maybe just revel in the bounty of new rewards? Go for it.

If, however, you're stuck in spacedock and unable to head out yet, you can check out the changes awaiting you in the guides, videos, news briefs, and galleries below.

It's a ship in a box in Star Trek Online
Just because you're playing a Romulan in Star Trek Online's first expansion doesn't mean every other Romulan is your friend. Empress Sela's Tal Shiar are a huge threat not just to the nascent Romulan Republic but to all sentient life throughout the galaxy, epitomized with their insectoid ships that fuse Romulan, Borg, and Elachi technology together.
Captain's Log: What to expect in Star Trek Online's Legacy of Romulus expansion
It's a little strange to think that it's already been three months since the developers at Star Trek Online first teased us with the Legacy of Romulus expansion with the March Beneath the Raptor's Wings kicker at the end of the anniversary video.
Star Trek Online fulfills its promise to Klingon players
Klingon Defense Force players who have been crying out for years for a significant update to their unfinished faction will have their prayers answered when Star Trek Online's Legacy of Romulus expansion releases next week.
STO's Legacy of Romulus expansion adding Nimbus adventure zone
Cryptic is pumping out the Star Trek Online dev blogs as the game's Legacy of Romulus expansion draws near. The latest comes to us from content designer Sean "Commander Ander" McCann, and it's all about the Nimbus adventure zone.
Combine your consoles and get new ships in Star Trek Online's expansion
If you've already purchased the very expensive Legacy Pack for Star Trek Online's first expansion, there's good news to be had -- you just got more for your $125 investment.
Captain's Log: Story takes center stage in Star Trek Online
Now that Star Trek Online's expansion, The Legacy of Romulus has moved into open beta on the Tribble test server, I think it's high time I wrote about one of the biggest changes the game has ever seen.
Legacy of Romulus adding warp cores to Star Trek Online ships
So, warp cores. Warp cores are a thing in Star Trek, but up until very recently they haven't been much of a thing in Star Trek Online. The upcoming Legacy of Romulus expansion will change that by adding cores to every ship in the game, according to the latest STO dev blog.
Making friends and recruiting officers in Star Trek Online's expansion
When Star Trek Online rolls out its Legacy of Romulus expansion on May 21st, you'll be playing a Romulan (or Reman) captain on a Romulan ship.
Captain's Log: Playing with Legacy of Romulus characters in Star Trek Online
In just over two weeks, Star Trek Online's first expansion, The Legacy of Romulus, will be released. The developers at Cryptic Studios have been working furiously, and we'll all get to see the results of all of the hard work on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013.
Star Trek Online dev diary details new species: The Remans
Star Trek Online's Legacy of Romulus expansion is slated for release in just over two weeks from now, and if you've been keeping up with the onslaught of dev diaries, you know that means new ships, new fashions, and of course, new playable alien species.
Star Trek Online goes behind the scenes with Denise Crosby
When Star Trek Online launches its first expansion, Legacy of Romulus, players will find themselves facing off against the formidable Empress Sela right from the start.
Star Trek Online showcases Romulan uniforms
No expansion is complete without its own fashion spread. Star Trek Online is covering its bases with the most recent Legacy of Romulus dev blog, which goes into the process of designing the Romulan Republic uniforms.
Star Trek Online dev blog dishes on Romulan rewards
With the new Legacy of Romulus expansion due to go live on May 21st, players might be wondering what goodies are in store once it arrives in their sector.
Star Trek Online outlines the fine details of Romulan ship progression
The Romulan faction in Star Trek Online's upcoming expansion does not play like mirrors of the Federation or the Klingons. The race's ships are less diverse in some ways, but its cloaking devices that allow for stealth even in combat make it clear that this is a race about subtle manipulation and careful subterfuge.

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