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Xbox One incorporates 'Smart Match' matchmaking, 'Living Game' tech


Apart from its whiz-bang voice, motion and video capture features, the Xbox One also features some new tech under the hood to improve Xbox Live. In addition to a huge server boost and dynamic Achievements, the new Xbox Live will use a feature called Smart Match, which "uses advanced algorithms to pair players based on skill, language, and now reputation."

Microsoft hasn't provided further details, but it sounds like reputation is the biggest difference between Smart Match and TrueSkill, Xbox Live's current skill rating system. TrueSkill only takes player skill into account when creating matches.

Microsoft has also provided a little more info on the new persistent side of Xbox Live. Called "Living Games," the tech leverages cloud computing to create persistent worlds. The company adds that "your games stay in sync with the real world, which means the latest stats can be automatically fed into your sports games." Furthermore, "Advanced AI even allows your friends to play against your shadow when you're not available."

We're assuming Microsoft got the idea after a late night viewing of Michael Keaton's 1996 comedy smash, Multiplicity.

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