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Apple now allowing Paypal payment for Apple Store purchases (in Germany)


German users have noticed one other change from the Apple Store downtime last night, and that is that Apple will now accept Paypal payments through their store. You could previously use Paypal as a payment service on the iTunes and Mac App Stores, but you can't (in most places) on the official Apple website. The German store, however, has now implemented Paypal. So German users can now use that extra eBay money to pick up a new accessory or charger cable.

Odds are that this is a pilot program over there, and it will likely make its way out to the rest of the world very soon. I just checked, and unfortunately this option isn't yet available on the American store. But if German users can use their Paypal accounts to buy Apple products, there's no reason why the rest of us won't eventually get the chance to do the same.

[via App Advice]

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