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EA to show Star Wars plans at E3


In an E3 conference not so far away, EA will offer a first look at its upcoming Star Wars games. The ink has barely dried on the exclusive contract with Disney in the wake of LucastArts' demise, but with next-gen consoles around the corner, it's no surprise EA is keen to offer a glimpse of what's to come.

The news was spilled on EA's The Beat blog by Labels President Frank Gibeau, who name-checked Battlefield 4, EA Sports games, and the Need for Speed franchise as part of the company's E3 showcase of next-gen games.

Around the time the post went up, Need for Speed's Facebook page uploaded a new screenshot (below the break) of what's very likely the next game in the racing series. The shot was tagged with the description "Have no rules, show no mercy."

The screenshot completely negates any possibility of it, but we're gonna call it anyway. At E3 next month, prepare to meet Need for Hyperspeed. You heard it here first.

EA to show Star Wars plans at E3

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