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iAds gets full accreditation by the Media Ratings Council


AdAge has an interesting article on the risks and challenges advertisers face when displaying ads on mobile devices. Besides the potential that users may never actually tap on your ad, there's also the risk that an advertiser's ads may not display correctly on various devices. If you're an advertiser and that keeps you up at night, you only have one real option for choosing a reliable ad network: Apple's iAds. That's because iAds are the only major mobile ad network yet to be accredited by the Media Ratings Council. As AdAge explains:

Apple's iAd earlier this month became the first major mobile-ad network to be fully accredited by the Media Ratings Council as adhering to the standards the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Mobile Marketing Association jointly released earlier this year.

During the auditing process, iAd demonstrated accurate reporting of impressions, taps, tap-through-rate, visits, views, views-per-visit, average time spent, conversions, unique devices and unique device visits. Apple said its mobile ad network is more streamlined than others and that it only charges for ads that fully render on users' screens.

AdAge notes that Google's DoubleClick is currently going through the process of getting accreditation, but other ad networks like MoPub are debating on whether or not to try to get accreditation because it can cost more than US$100,000.

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