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Pixel Press coming to Android, pending Kickstarter success


In a recent Kickstarter update, developer Roundthird announced that its draw-your-own-game app Pixel Press will launch for both Android and iOS devices, once its funding goal of $100,000 is met.

Originally announced as an iOS exclusive, Pixel Press will now debut for Android in 2014 if funding succeeds. Roundthird will ramp up production for a simultaneous iOS and Android launch in December of this year if funding reaches a newly announced stretch goal of $125,000.

To create platforming challenges within Pixel Press, players start by drawing level layouts on printable graph paper. These layouts can then be imported and made playable by uploading a photo of the finished design. The app is aimed at students wishing to enter game development; a $40 "teacher package" reward tier includes multiple copies of Pixel Press and access to online educational resources.

Currently, Pixel Press backers have pledged over $33,000, as 21 days remain in Roundthird's funding campaign.

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