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Ultima Forever spotted on the Canadian App Store


If you've been waiting for Ultima Forever, the new iOS version of Ultima from EA, then it's here for you (kind of). The app has been spotted over on the Canadian App Store, and if you have an account over there, you can go and download it right now. The Canadian App Store is often used as a beta testing ground for iOS apps, especially by EA, so the company is likely testing out the game and its services before releasing it worldwide soon (probably in the next few weeks). So it's not completely done yet, but if you want to go get it, you can.

To switch your iTunes install over to Canada, you just need to go down and click on little flag located on the bottom right of each App Store page in iTunes. You can switch your client to any of the world's regions there, and I believe that you can download apps for free from any of those regions (including Ultima Forever).

You can also switch your App Store region on the iPhone or iPad by going to settings, and then tweaking your Apple ID to match the region you want to browse. That's more of a hassle, however -- if you can be patient for another week or two, it might be better to wait for the official, worldwide release, undoubtedly coming soon.

[via Ultima Codex]

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