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Breakfast Topic: Do you read patch notes?


Now, if you've been living in a secluded cave on the shores of Darkmoon Island for a few weeks, it's possible that you might not have heard of patch 5.3. This recent augmentation of the WoW universe hit US servers on Tuesday, and brought with it a bewildering array of changes, several for PvP, along with a ton of class changes, some bigger than others, as well as several new scenarios, and a whole new dynamic environment in the Barrens around Orgrimmar. If you're curious about any of this, you could do worse than checking out WoW Insider's Patch 5.3 coverage.

But the question is, do you really read patch notes? The official patch 5.3 notes appeared the day the patch launched, and as someone who processed them for our post on the matter, I am well aware of the sheer magnitude of this document. So the question stands: do you read patch notes? Personally, I do, to an extent. I will look at the general notes, the PvP notes, as well as the notes for raiding, and any class notes that particularly grab my attention. I won't read the pet battle notes, simply because that's not a part of the game I regularly engage in. And I wonder, therefore, whether, if there's a really exciting patch that makes substantial alterations to pet battles, I am missing it all because I just plain don't read the notes. So how about you? Do you read patch notes? Do you read them selectively? In full? Barely at all? What could Blizzard do with them to better hold your interest?

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