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Stiq Figures, May 13 - 19: Pokemon Fusion edition


Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Web developer Alex Onsager created a nifty site called Pokemon Fusion that demands your attention. By selecting two Pokemon from drop-down menus, the site mashes them together into one creature. The created beasts are sometimes cute, other times horrific, but certainly make us wonder what really goes on at those Pokemon daycare centers in the games.

Onsager said via Twitter that he's finishing up the first generation of Pokemon, and also shared an album of fan art created by folks around web based on the Poke-mashups.

3DS LL: 24,123 [DOWN] 9,228 (27.67%)
3DS: 13,001 [DOWN] 3,411 (20.78%)
PS3: 10,948 [DOWN] 1,845 (14.42%)
Vita: 10,931 [DOWN] 1,400 (11.35%)
PSP: 6,524 [UP] 164 (2.58%)
Wii U: 6,037 [DOWN] 1,937 (24.29%)
Wii: 1,143 [DOWN] 363 (24.10%)
Xbox 360: 349 [DOWN] 136 (28.04%)

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