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Apple retail store coming to Basel, Switzerland


According to listings posted on Apple's job site, the people of Switzerland will soon have their fourth Apple retail store. The available job openings are currently for a manager, inventory specialist, and an Apple Creative, Genius, and Customer Adviser.

The listings were first spotted by Swiss Apple site MacPrime. The site had previously speculated that Apple was building a store at Freie Strasse 47 in the city center. The old building that had lived at that location was recently demolished and construction had begun on a new, Apple-esque structure. Today's job posting seems to confirm that the site was correct.

The Basel store will be the forth in the country, after stores in Zurich, Geneva, and Wallisellen. Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland with a population of around 166,000. It is one of the country's cultural centers with numerous museums and theaters, including the Museum of Fine Arts, which offers the world's oldest art collection that is accessible to the public, according to Wikipedia.

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