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Not So Massively: Diablo III stats, LoL All-Stars tournament, and new MOBAs


Path of Exile revealed plans to expand its multiplayer options with new group loot options in the next patch, which should come as good news to anyone who runs endgame maps with other players. Blizzard continued its Diablo III anniversary celebrations with an interesting new infographic packed full of stats on the game's first year of operation.

The League of Legends All-Stars tournament was a huge success, with the massive event in Shanghai being streamed live around the world. In celebration, Riot Games also released a new cinematic trailer. Russian MOBA Prime World prepared for its upcoming second closed beta event, and Infinite Crisis expanded its roster with new champion Shazam.

Upcoming sci-fi sandbox Elite: Dangerous showed off redesigned ships in its latest development newsletter, and it's not the only new game in development. This week we heard of upcoming military-themed browser MOBA Merc Elite and MOBA Dawngate, the latter of which aims to bring RTS elements back to the genre.

Path of Exile title image
Path of Exile has been extremely well-received by players, but many have raised issues with the way that loot is distributed. Classic action RPGs that didn't assign loot to any particular player, meaning whoever had the fastest fingers usually got everything. Path of Exile aimed to solve this problem by assigning each dropped item above a certain quality level to an individual party member for a few seconds, after which time anyone can swipe it.

The system works well on the whole, but not everyone is happy with having to stop mid-combat to pick up items, and some characters with long-range builds don't have enough time to run in and grab their loot before it becomes a free-for-all. In the next patch, Grinding Gear has promised to add loot options for party leaders, who can select between a classic free-for-all loot system, the current system, or a Diablo III-style permanent loot allocation. The list of items that will be allocated to a particular player has also been expanded to encompass non-magic items with five or six linked sockets.

Diablo III title image
Blizzard released a huge infographic this week with stats on Diablo III's first year, including some interesting figures on average concurrent players. Developers claim that a peak of 5.8 million players logged time in Sanctuary each day at launch and that the average over the past year has been 2.1 million players per day. The average player logs around four hours per day, which when compared to the total number of hours played paints the expected picture of a huge launch rollout followed by a sharp dip in activity. The average player also now owns 9.7 million gold; the game economy has inflated rapidly over the past year, with almost 650 trillion gold now in circulation and rising.

Players are continually suggesting ideas for future Diablo III development on the official forum, but one idea that has popped up several times now may have grabbed Blizzard's attention: the Endless Dungeon. The basic idea is to create a dungeon with theoretically infinite levels that gets harder with each new level, and the player has a single life with which to get as far as he possibly can. This week developers asked players what they would expect to see in such a dungeon.

League of Legends title image
This week saw the colossal League of Legends All-Stars Tournament event in Shanghai, with a packed stadium full of fans and global livestreams. The event went off without a hitch and saw top teams from China, South Korea, North America, Europe, and South-East Asia clash for worldwide fame and hard cash prizes. To celebrate the tournament, Riot Games also released its new cinematic trailer, A Twist of Fate.

Prime World title image
Following the first stage of its closed beta, Russian MOBA Prime World responded to player feedback on topics like skipping the tutorial, characters with too many passive abilities, and why you need friends in-game to keep your resource production high. Developers have also released a how-to guide on Outpost mode ahead of the game's upcoming second week of closed beta.

Infinite Crisis title image
Following its recent closed beta launch, this week's Infinite Crisis update added classic DC character Shazam to the game's growing roster of characters. Originally known as Captain Marvel, Shazam is one of DC Comics' oldest superheroes. In Infinite Crisis, he's a powerful lightning-based initiator who can dash to target enemies and switch between offensive and defensive modes.

Elite: Dangerous title image
If you were a fan of the original Elite or its sequel, Frontier, you'll probably recognise some of the ships in the latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter. Concept artists have been turned loose on the Eagle fighter, the Adder, and the Asp exploration vessel.

Merc <em>Elite</em> title image
New military-themed MOBA Merc Elite officially entered closed beta this week. The browser-based game promises realistic line-of-sight mechanics, cover mechanics, direct weapon aiming, and a control point mode.

Dawngate title image
The MOBA genre has absolutely exploded in recent years, with the massive success of games like League of Legends and Dota 2 giving other small studios the perfect excuse to work on a genre they love. Developers at Waystone Games recently sat down with the Machinima crew to discuss the approach they're taking to developing their new MOBA, Dawngate. Developers discuss plans to take the genre back its RTS roots, tackle e-sports, and more.

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