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Final Fantasy Tactics S launches in Japan on iOS, Android


Square Enix deployed the latest Final Fantasy Tactics variant this week. Tactics S is a free-to-play Mobage spin-off, and it's available in Japan now on iOS and Android.

Tactics S features more than 300 character jobs from the grid-based strategy series, and two new ones in the form of Air Samurai and Musician. You can build up clans for use in both single-player quests and in multiplayer battles against other clans, with online tournaments held on a daily basis.

In its fiscal year review, Square Enix said it will increasingly target smartphone and tablet games. The company cited Mobage game Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, recently released in North America and Europe, as a "satisfactorily profitable" example. So, while there's no word on Tactics S traversing the oceans, don't be too surprised if it reaches western shores at some point down the line.

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