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I hate scenarios


Behind the scenes at WoW Insider, we've been talking a lot about scenarios recently, for various reasons - some of which we hope to be able to soon share! In those discussions, I relatively quickly had to come out and admit, yeah, I kind of hate scenarios. It's not that I think there's anything actually bad about them. Maybe individual scenarios have certain annoying mechanics, I honestly haven't done enough of them to know. But I kind of dread doing them, and avoid them for the most part, and there is a very simple reason why: when I first go into one, I don't necessarily know what I'm supposed to be doing.

I cannot communicate how much I despise that feeling. It's why I love being a healer. Here is your job as a healer, in any dungeon or raid ever: you stay out of the bad stuff on the ground and you play Rejuvenation (or Holy Light, or Healing Wave, or whatever) whack-a-mole with health bars. It's great. It's structured and straightforward and it's always the same. Sometimes there are additional mechanics you have to be aware of but, here's the thing - boss needs interrupts? Not a healer's job. Mobs need kiting? Not a healer's job. Turtles need kicking? Not a healer's job. Boxes need clicking? Not a healer's job (usually).

But in scenarios? Random stuff becomes your job! Collect this item and put it in this cauldron. Guard this random group of people. Escort this group over here, while guarding them, and then go collect this item and put it in this cauldron.

I do not like this, Sam I Am! I do not like Village Binan!

I recognize that this is probably exactly what many people do like about scenarios. They're a change of pace from the usual expectations of the game, and they provide an opportunity to try something more unique. Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but I like my familiar routine! It's comforting, okay?! The thing is, I've grit my teeth a few times and gone through some scenarios, and I'm getting used to them. Give me some time, I'll get over it, and maybe I'll even eventually enjoy them. Maybe.

What aspects of the game make you hiss and spit like a cornered cat, or go off like the XT-Deconstructor? Did you get over it? Did you not? Tell me! I want to feel less alone.

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