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Infinite Crisis adds Cyborg to the mix

MJ Guthrie

While the last superhero to join the Infinite Crisis lineup was mystically imbued, the newest member is a mix of man and machine. Today Turbine announced the addition of Cyborg to the roster of champions as well as released new art for the Green Lantern.

Like you'd expect a man with an energy cannon for an arm, Cyborg is a ranged fighter, doling out powerful blasts while dodging direct confrontation with melee. His various skills include Cybernetic Targeting, Cascade, and Plasma Cannon. Charged Burst is an AoE attack and Tracer Shot marks opponents and adds a debuff that can be triggered for additional effects by his other skills.

Check out the reveal video after the break for some tips on fighting as -- and fighting against -- this newest champion. After the video, take a look at the newest Infinite Crisis art, showing off Arcane, Prime, and Atomic versions of Green Lantern.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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