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Obscure Final Fantasy IX sidequest uncovered and detailed


Details regarding a little-known sidequest in Square Enix's PSOne RPG Final Fantasy IX have surfaced, sparking fan discussion some 13 years after the game's initial release.

GameFAQs user The_Kusabi_ discovered the sidequest while reading through Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, a 600-page guide/tome that was never released outside of Japan. Despite its appearance in an official guide, the secret remained undocumented in the western world, evading the watchful eye of FAQ authors until recently.

According to fan documentation, the newly discovered sidequest only triggers after entering the game's final dungeon. It activates once the player speaks to the Nero brothers in Lindblum, and advances alongside specific story triggers and boss battles within the final dungeon. The quest requires the player to return to the Nero brothers a minimum of 9 times within a possible 16 advancement points, adding another layer of complexity to a quest that a majority of players would never see in the first place.

Fans can attest that Final Fantasy IX is rife with obscure secrets like this one. An alternate bit of dialogue during the game's opening can only be seen if the player answers a question incorrectly 64 times in a row, for instance. One of Final Fantasy IX's more notorious secrets is the Excalibur II sword, which can only be obtained by speeding through the game, start to finish, in under 12 hours.

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