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Oculus Rift team taps ex-Valver Tom Forsyth, scientist Steve Lavalle


The Oculus Rift team has enlisted the aid of two more individuals: Tom Forsyth, who made a name for himself while working at Valve as a software engineer and on Team Fortress 2; and Steve Lavalle, a robotics scientist from the University of Illinois who has collaborated with Oculus since last September.

Forsyth joins Oculus to improve the company's Rift SDK (software development kit) and work on "a few top-secret VR R&D projects." Lasalle is the new full-time principal scientist at Oculus, charged with tackling issues surrounding sensor fusion, magnetic drift correction and kinematic modeling.

The Oculus Rift is a Kickstarter-funded personal virtual reality headset. The first Oculus Rift developer units shipped back in March, and will be followed by retail units at an undetermined point in the future. Our own bespectacled Jordan Mallory recently wrote about using the Rift on top of some spectacles.

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