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The Realm fails to meet Kickstarter goal, plans US-based relaunch later this year


Atomhawk Design and Lantern Interactive's Kickstarter for its point-and-click adventure game The Realm has failed to reach its goal of £195,000 (about $300,000), but it says the project isn't dead yet. Despite not getting the money it needed, The Realm ended up as one of the top UK-based game Kickstarters to date. Being based in the UK was one of the main issues, however, as users in the United States weren't able to contribute directly due to Kickstarter's funding rules. So Atomhawk and Lantern have decided to relaunch the campaign later on this year, this time from a US-based account.

Potential contributors were also asking to see gameplay footage, so that will be a priority next time around. In the meantime, the team asks that anyone interested in getting more updates on the game sign up to a mailing list. "We may not have have won the battle," says The Realm team's post, "but the war is not over yet!"

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