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Tim Cook to speak at All Things D conference tonight


Fresh off of his recent trip to Washington D.C., Apple CEO Tim Cook will kick off the 11th annual All Things D conference later today when he sits down for an interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. The interview is slated to begin at 9 PM ET.

The interviews at All Things D are always informative and typically address a number of issues. In previous years, Steve Jobs participated in several All Things D interviews where he would often divulge a variety of interesting factoids about Apple products and opine on the state of the tech industry at large. During the 2010 All Things D conference, for example, Jobs revealed for the first time that Apple's iPhone initiative initially began as a tablet project.

While it goes without saying that Cook won't shed any light on future Apple products, the interview will undoubtedly offer an interesting glimpse into Cook's view of the tech industry.

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