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TUG hits its Kickstarter goal

Eliot Lefebvre

Good news, friends! Or more specifically, friends who are also fans of TUG. The indie sandbox exploration game has hit its funding goal with two days to go, meaning that development can continue on the title. While its success was somewhat in doubt over the long weekend, fans made up the last bit of funding and ensured that the game's unique philosophy will have a place to expand.

Of course, just hitting funding isn't usually the end goal; you have stretch goals and such, after all. With that in mind, Nerd Kingdom has announced a 30-day PayPal donation drive after the Kickstarter funding concludes to continue building toward stretch goals, as well as the option to add new benefits to the accounts of backers. There's still a little more time to back the project, so now's the time to do so.

[Thanks to Jose for the tip!]

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