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Arrested Development commandeers game consoles in Netflix premiere


More than half of Xbox users watching Netflix this past Sunday were streaming the new season of Arrested Development, according to a report from bandwidth management firm Procera published by Mashable.

The return of the long-awaited fan favorite not only claimed up to 36 percent of Netflix's traffic on some networks, but created increases in Netflix watching in general by as much as 10 percent, with the Xbox 360 and the PS3 leading the charge on devices used to stream Netflix video.

Video game consoles have been major Netflix viewing devices, and Arrested Development's premiere made that tie even clearer. Just over 40 percent of all PS3 users watching Netflix on Sunday were watching the Bluths; just over 20 percent of iPad users were in that crowd as well.

Additionally, about ten to fifteen percent of all Netflix viewers, says Procera, went on a binge, finishing off all 15 episodes by Monday morning. Watching all of those intricately laid jokes all mushed together in one late-night run? Sounds like a huge mistake.

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