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Darkwood: Not just your average 2D roguelike survival horror game


As video games have always taught us, you don't need fancy graphics and surround sound to build a convincing atmosphere. Enter Darkwood, a survival horror experience played from a top-down 2D perspective. Developed by Acid Wizard, Darkwood takes place in a procedurally generated world, featuring permadeath, RPG elements and a crafting system (can't block out the horrors of the night without building some barricades).

Darkwood seems to place heavy emphasis on light and dark, limiting the player's field of view to ratchet up the tension. The visuals may be simple, but if the trailer is any indication, the final product looks extra creepy. Example: Why is the generator talking?

Darkwood is looking for funding on IndieGoGo, hoping to raise $40,000. As of this writing it's only a few hundred dollars away with seven days to go. It's planned for release on PC, Mac and Linux. If you're into survival horror, check it out.

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