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Gmail getting an updated interface on desktop and mobile


The Gmail Blog reports that the popular online email service is getting yet another facelift, on both the desktop and mobile clients. As you can see above, the new look's emphasis is on Facebook-style tabs, with all of your interactions boiled down into your Primary inbox, or Google's Social, Promotions and Updates features. The new tabs definitely seem oriented towards Google pushing its own agendas (do I really care about Google Offers that much?) but then again they're the ones providing the service for free, so I guess that's Google's call. If colored tabs helps Gmail avoid the fate of Google Reader, I'll take them.

The new look is definitely clearer and more colorful, and Google says that users will be able to switch back to the classic look if they like, for now anyway. The new look should be rolling out first to desktop users in the next few weeks, and then out to the Android and iOS apps as well. We'll be sure to put out another heads-up when it's widely available on iOS.

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