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Olloclip releases companion app for its camera lens


We've reviewed quite a few pieces of Olloclip hardware in the past. The company makes the 3-in-1 iPhone camera lens that snaps onto the device and provides a wide angle, macro and fisheye lens. Today the company has branched into new territory by releasing its first iOS app, simply called Olloclip. The app is a companion app for the Olloclip lens that allows the user to enhance photos and even fix distortions in photos taken with the Olloclip lens. Here are its key features:

  • Mesh Editor Tool – Conversion lenses can add an interesting curvature to your photos. Once the photo has been taken, use the Mesh Editor tool to adjust this effect.
  • Video Mode – This mode allows you to shoot comfortably and easily while using your Olloclip to transform your field of view.
  • Normal Mode – Maximize on your Olloclip lens system by using Normal Mode to capture your favorite images.
  • Macro Mode – Use Macro Mode to help set your focus when using the Olloclip macro 10X lens.
  • Reticles – Use the reticles to adjust focus and exposure independently or together. Tap the icon to lock the two on any point on your viewfinder screen.
  • Photo Library – Access all your photos through the olloclip app and then adjust them using the Mesh Editor.

Olloclip for iOS is a free download.

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