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Real Boxing hooks into Vita in August via PSN [update]


Vivid Games' Real Boxing floats onto PSN this August, ready to sting Vitas worldwide. The Unreal Engine 3 boxing sim was first released back on iOS in November 2012 before punching in on Android earlier this month. Now Vivid Games is sending it into the handheld console ring in a few months time.

"With the exception of the cardiovascular benefits or the threat of actual, physical pain, Real Boxing is exactly that – real boxing," said Vivid Games CEO Remi Koscielny.

The Vita version uses the portable's physical and touch controls, with the iOS version's career mode, training, and fighter customization confirmed for the port. Meanwhile, a screenshot (see below) indicates combatants can get their real box on in multiplayer.

Update: A Vivid Games representative confirmed to us there'll be local and online multiplayer, as well as some "special tournaments."

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Real Boxing punches its way to PlayStation Vita
Vivid Games set to enter the ring throughout Europe with stunning Unreal-powered sports sim

The full power of the Vita's punch is about to be unleashed, as Vivid Games announces that Real Boxing will be heading to PlayStation Network across Europe this August.

Real Boxing is a stunning simulation of boxing, powered by the phenomenal Unreal Engine 3. Players will take a journey from amateur to pro in one of the most comprehensive sporting games ever delivered in a handheld.

The detail begins with each boxer, designed from the laces up to be as realistic as possible. Each boxer has been motion captured in the ring, with every punch, every jab, every jaw-shattering uppercut portrayed in stunning definition. Real-time deformation technology portrays fighters' facial injuries in gory detail, bones crunching as punches fly, a mist of sweat and blood filling the ring.

Featuring intuitive controls which make perfect use of the Vita's physical and touch capabilities, Real Boxing offers a host of single, career and training modes with which to perfect your boxing style. Virtually every aspect of your fighter can be customised – from hairstyle to boots to your own tattoos, you're free to express yourself how you prefer.

Inside the ring, the Vita's power is showcased in genuine style – each opponent offering a different style. Real-time commentary and a dynamic crowd provide the full atmosphere of the big fight, with slow-motion replays allowing you to relive particularly dramatic moments over and over.

"With the exception of the cardiovascular benefits or the threat of actual, physical pain, Real Boxing is exactly that – real boxing," says Remi Koscielny, CEO, Vivid Games. "We've crammed everything fans love about the sport of boxing into the Vita, making it one of the most comprehensive sports titles available for the system. We cannot wait to throw our hat into the ring this August."

Real Boxing will be available worldwide for PlayStation Vita this August.

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