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Spacetime Studios celebrates 260 million play sessions with massive infographic


Spacetime Studios, creator of mobile online titles Arcane Legends, Pocket Legends, and Star Legends, just announced a big milestone: The studio's games have seen over 260 million play sessions to date. To celebrate this feat, Spacetime put together a huge infographic packed with interesting figures related to its games and the community of players who support them.

According to the numbers, players have killed over six billion enemies, completed over 25 million quests, and formed over 13 million parties. They've consumed over 16 million potions and elixirs and opened enough treasure chests to provide one for every person in New York City. Perhaps most importantly, Spacetime's games have been downloaded over 20 million times.

It's all right there in the infographic, featured after the break.

[Source: Spacetime Studios press release]

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