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WoW Insider Round Table: Heroic Scenarios


Welcome to the first WoW Insider Round Table. Every week or two we'll give you the inside scoop on the key opinions and facts about a specific area of the World of Warcraft. In today's inaugural video we're talking about what's on everyone's mind: heroic scenarios.

They're beasts right now. People are quite divided on how useful they are, and what the best way to go about finding a group for them are. We've even had Ghostcrawler weigh in on the mechanics of the rewards via Twitter. Olivia, Matt, Dawn, and Sally sit down in a Google Hangout and share their thoughts and opinions. And we want to hear yours! What do you think heroic scenarios are doing for the game? Are they everything you wanted them to be ... or can you not even find a group for them?

Let us know, and thanks for watching!

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