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Abducted brings alien adventure to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android this summer


You might think you're having a bad day, but Eve has got you beat. She woke up in a strange world with an alien computer embedded in her arm. Eve is the main character of Abducted, an upcoming episodic adventure from Sunside. Abducted promises a mix of action-adventure, horror and RPG elements, and the trailer for the first episode shows off some lovely extraterrestrial visuals.

The game is available for pre-order now via Sunside's website, with an expected release late this summer. Those who pre-order the Collector's Edition will receive early access to the Abducted beta.

Available platforms will include PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android (including Ouya). Sunside also says that its in-house Radiance engine can support Xbox and PS3, though no official release has been announced for those platforms. If you'd like to see Abducted on Steam, you can give it a push on Greenlight.

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